little wasp, it appears you've lost your way
this is not place for a pretty wasp to stay
on a few pieces of paper in my hand
I show you through the door and free you to the land

little moth, how you flicker in the flames
but in the daylight you hide yourself away
when I catch you in between my loving hands
you remain still until I lay you on the sand

oh, the tragedies of summer
there's something in the air reminding me of what you said
between the magic and the tragedies of summer
there's something on my mind that's killing me now for a long time

little fly, what do you expect to see
up there on the wall looking down at me
you might find what you're looking for today
but get too close and I will just chase you away

mosquito I know you only want my blood
you know what's best for you, just stay out in the mud
if I even hear you just whining by my nose
I'll kill you without mercy, leave you dead with just one blow

oh, the tragedies of summer...

praying mantis, I have found you with such grace
out in the weather looking for a perfect mate
such a creature is reserved for only few
and if I were a mantis, I would give you my head too

oh, the tragedies of summer...


from Crimson Crows E​.​P., released July 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Crimson Crows Denver, Colorado

The trio of David Starr Dunn, Robert Dale Boles, and Jared Ludwick happened upon each other working in downtown Denver restaurants, solidifying the Crimson Crows lineup in early 2014. They have forged a bond that can only materialize out of collectively fighting out of the weeds, getting stiffed, and dealing with incompetent management, and that’s only playing bar gigs! Zing! ... more

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