Crimson Crows E​.​P.

by Crimson Crows

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released July 18, 2015

Produced at The Spot Studios in Lakewood, CO by Rich Veltrop and Glenn Sawyer. Copyright 2015.



all rights reserved


Crimson Crows Denver, Colorado

The trio of David Starr Dunn, Robert Dale Boles, and Jared Ludwick happened upon each other working in downtown Denver restaurants, solidifying the Crimson Crows lineup in early 2014. They have forged a bond that can only materialize out of collectively fighting out of the weeds, getting stiffed, and dealing with incompetent management, and that’s only playing bar gigs! Zing! ... more

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Track Name: Mantis
little wasp, it appears you've lost your way
this is not place for a pretty wasp to stay
on a few pieces of paper in my hand
I show you through the door and free you to the land

little moth, how you flicker in the flames
but in the daylight you hide yourself away
when I catch you in between my loving hands
you remain still until I lay you on the sand

oh, the tragedies of summer
there's something in the air reminding me of what you said
between the magic and the tragedies of summer
there's something on my mind that's killing me now for a long time

little fly, what do you expect to see
up there on the wall looking down at me
you might find what you're looking for today
but get too close and I will just chase you away

mosquito I know you only want my blood
you know what's best for you, just stay out in the mud
if I even hear you just whining by my nose
I'll kill you without mercy, leave you dead with just one blow

oh, the tragedies of summer...

praying mantis, I have found you with such grace
out in the weather looking for a perfect mate
such a creature is reserved for only few
and if I were a mantis, I would give you my head too

oh, the tragedies of summer...
Track Name: Zombie Apocalypse
goin' with your instincts
makin' a decision
got yourself a pistol
bought it at the auction
taught your kids to use it
identify the parts
right beside the shotgun
locked up in the dark

you're ready for the zombie apocalypse
to face the hungry mobs of violent monsters
will you survive this apocalypse
with you're bible and your guns and your dollars?

rope and a shovel
takin' to the land
truck and a rifle
barrels and cans
dreamin' of the old frontier
and leavin' the city behind
just stayin' alive
and waitin for the end of time

and the dawning of the zombie apocalypse
your world is overrun by the rage of the undead
will you survive this apocalypse
with your tools and your fuel and your water?

are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?
your world is overrun by the rage of the undead
will you survive this apocalypse
with your daughters and the songs of your fathers?
Track Name: Muse
she's a muse
she's abused
she's got something for everyone
plays a role
she can't control
see's through the eyes of the scorpion

the kind of girl you want to drag by the hair to your cave
to be your inspiration and your sexual slave
she could slip through anyone's grip
she's got a potion, might give you a sip
luscious lips have kissed death on the wrist

soaked in sexy, it seeps from her pores
a supple sensation that can't be ignored
cherry coca-cola is her drink of choice, she's a stranger
on the bus 'cause she sold her car
she could make a thousand dollars in a night at the bar
a mystery innocent and ruled by the stars, she's an angel

the kind of girl...

came through the mountains, woman's mystic power
adorned with sharp thorns and fragrant flowers
she's traded the desert for the lights and the towers

the kind of girl...
Track Name: The Ballad of Jim and Mabel
summerside Jim's got a pistol in his pocket and his eye on the matches on the table.
loose ends hangin' from his trigger finger, sparks and smoke from his boots on the floor.
mabel's wearin' jeans, heartbreak machine, and she'd come up with a plan
since he'd been involved in a barroom brawl, and wound up killin' a Texas man

they'd been hidin' out in Arizona least two weeks since the incident
and she'd done a good bit of homework while he was sweating the swing at the pen
'cause the law was on his heels and both of 'em knew that the blood was on his hands
but she would deliver him unto his freedom if he could help her carry out her plan

but its a long road to Mexico
under the august sun
and there's no time for livin' slow
when you're on the run, boy

pitch black cemetary three AM, the silence is broken by Jimmy and his gem
dim red light from a cold green can, witnessed the two of them committing their sin
and in an hour they were covered in dirt, but they had what they'd come for
and all they left was the sound of tires and two slammin' Cadillac doors

well, the gunned it up the canyon to the top of the pass, lettin' that engine roar
'cause this would be the last time Jimmy's Cadillac would feel the pedal touchin' the floor
soon it would careen of the side of the road in a spectacular display of flames
with a decoy behind the wheel, bearin' summerside Jimmy's name

but it's a long road...

Mabel got her hands on the paperwork verifyin' two new identities
and the time was nearly at hand, when they could simply slip away with the breeze
but that morning at the rattlesnake roadhouse motel, in walked a man with a badge
said somethin to the kid behind the counter about a pretty woman and a Cadillac

and at the bar across the hall from the lobby sat a dead man clutchin' his daddy's 45
red lipstick whispered in his ear, "they will never take us alive"
Jim's eyes narrowed and his blood ran cold as he lifted his gaze from the bar
and watched that badge walk right outside to the radio in his car

but it's a long road...
Track Name: Speed of the Sun
underneath the city streets, lies a secret garden
left there by the Romans, and those that came before them
crumbling walls of stone, and scattered shards of clay
echo with whispers, beneath the layers of age

down a damp corridor, left by hands not unlike your own
lies a piece of parchment, a faded pile of bones
the writing on the wall, the stories and the songs
the methods and the lessons, the truth and the questions

It's calling up from the future
this phenomenon is calling down to the past
the spirit spans a great ancient distance
in an instant at the speed of the sun,
at the speed of the sun

written in the earth, the history of birth
the legacy of towers. the destiny of power
the nature of the man, and the beast beneath his hand
echoes through the ages, in languages of sages